nVent ICESTOP Commercial Electric Trace Heating

Frost protection for gutters and downpipes

Raychem ICESTOP Trace Heating

Raychem ICESTOP Commercial Electric Trace HeatingIndustrial roof & gutter de-icing systems are used to help prevent dangerous icicles and destructive ice dams from forming on your roof. By melting falling snow and keeping gutters clear, these systems will help to preserve the integrity of your roof while eliminating the potential danger associated with falling icicles.

The Raychem IceStop System provides a continuous drain path for melted snow and ice from the roof to the gutter and out the downspout.

The Raychem IceStop System prevents the following:

  • Interior Structural Damage - Ice dams on roof edges lead to water ingress.
  • Exterior Damage to Gutters - Frozen gutters are heavy, leading to distortion or breakage.
  • Falling Icicles - Icicles pose a threat and a liability to people and property.
  • Slippery Walkways - Overfilled gutters allow water to fall on the ground and refreeze


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Data Sheet PDF: ICESTOP System Design Guide

Data Sheet PDF: ICESTOP System Specification

Cable Services Catalogue PDF: ICESTOP Trace Heating Product

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Cable Services are able to offer a full trace heating design service. Please download the input sheet or contact your usual sales office with your requirements. Smith Electrical are also able to provide trace heating design and installation packages, contact the Glasgow sales office on 0141 621 2060